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Executive Session 'The Successful Contract Management Strategy'

28 January - 4:00 - 6:00 PM CET | Free webinar

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In this free webinar Linda Tonkes, CEO of CM Partners Group and developer of CATS CM® and Arjen van Berkum, fellow board member of CM Partners Group, will share our vision on contract management, the benefits of proactive contract management, the pitfalls, the success factors and the basic aspects of the contract management methodology CATS CM®.

Running a business on your own is not an option anymore. You need third parties to take care of (parts of) the processes. These business relations are all connected with you through contracts. What did you do with them once signed? Before signing, how did you anticipate contract management activities in related processes? Managing contracts post-award creates a lot of added value within organisations, for the contractor as well as the supplier. CATS CM® is a proven methodology that helps organisations to get in control of their contract portfolio and, when embraced top to bottom, on both strategic and an operational level.

So, why a methodology? To create value out of every collaboration.

Why this webinar

  • To hear what contract management is and how it can help your organization
  • To get a feel for the success factors and pitfalls in the implementation of contract
  • To hear how the proven methodology CATS CM® can help you to get a grip on your contracts

For whom

This free webinar is for professionals who want to orient themselves in the field of contract management and are not yet familiar with the CATS CM® methodology for contract management and the philosophy of CM Partners.


28th of January


- Why contract management is vital – Arjen van Berkum (Senior Partner, CM Partners Group)

- Contract management with CATS CM® - Linda Tonkes (CEO, CM Partners Group)

- Questions



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