CATS CM® Core: the contract management e-learning

November 3, 2020
November 3, 2020

Contracts are ingrained in every part of the organization, and almost always have an impact on organizational goals. Therefore it is crucial to align contract objectives with organizational goals and manage contracts from this perspective. This requires strategic, tactic, and operational contract management awareness, focusing on what is important for the organization as a whole. Whether it is preventing disruption, reducing cost, optimizing value, realizing sustainability goals, innovation or complying with applicable laws. CATS CM® will help organizations embed contract management with exactly that required focus. It helps to accelerate growth by obtaining control over single contracts and the contract portfolio in a scalable and strategy-driven way.

CATS CM® is an independent methodology. We offer certifications for contract professionals, trainers, CLM software providers and coaches. Currently over 500 organizations worldwide use CATS CM® and thousands of people are trained in the methodology.

After releasing the English translation of the book on the contract management methodology CATS CM®, thought leaders Linda Tonkes and Arjen van Berkum took the next step in making CATS CM® available for every professional that works with contracts, irrespective of organizational maturity, individual experience, or function.

We are really proud to announce that we have launched the e-learning Contract Management CATS CM® Core. An online course that is based on the same high-quality standard as the methodology and the physical courses. We have composed an educative, insightful mix of videos, courseware, questions, and additional resources that provides you with the core knowledge on the CATS CM® methodology. The CATS CM® Core e-learning provides you with the fundamental knowledge on the methodology that helps you manage single contracts and enables you to design contract management in a way that enables you to be in control over your total contract portfolio. In the videos and the additional resources hosts and CATS CM® wizards Linda Tonkes and Arjen van Berkum elaborate on their inspiring vision on the crucial elements of contract management and why it is so vital to the business.

After finishing the modules and the self-test, you will receive a Certificate of Participation. Next to this e-learning and the self-test included here there us the possibility to obtain the official CATS CM® Foundation level certification. To prepare for this we recommend you combine the e-learning with thoroughly studying Part I, II, and III of the book on the methodology. The exam is not part of the e-learning and therefore not included in the course fee.

Check out this e-learning. Join the community and become a winner in contract management!

This online course can be ordered via After you submitted your order, you will receive an invoice. When your payment has been processed, you will send you the information to obtain access.