CATS CM® releases English online exam

January 20, 2021
January 20, 2021

Recently the CATS CM® methodology was translated into English. Slowly our courseware has been made available online globally, through e-learning and online trainings. Our next step is to enable professionals worldwide to become certified in the CATS CM®methodology. We are happy to announce that we have released the English online exam CATS CM® Foundation! Everyone that has intensively studied the methodology can now test their knowledge of the CATS CM® methodology in order to realize more value on the contracts under their care as a contract manager.

Contract management with CATS CM®

Contract management is all about the realization of intended contract objectives. These objectives reflect everything an organization wants to achieve with the contract. The CATS CM® methodology has been recognized as the de facto standard method of contract management for more than ten years. CATS is short for Contract Administration and Tracking Scenarios. CATS CM® is a complete approach to contract management. With the flexibility and scalability to tailor the application to the specific needs of the organization.

The Foundation level is based on acquiring knowledge on the concepts and models. This newly released online CATS CM® Foundation exam is, like any CATS CM® training, based on the latest version of the CATS CM® methodology, as described by CATS CM®’s chief wizard Linda Tonkes in the book Contract Management with CATS CM® version 4: From working on contracts to contracts that work. To fully grasp the methodology and get the most out of CATS CM® in practice, it is strongly advised to take the exam after following the course CATS CM® Foundation or the e-learning CATS CM® Core combined with extra hours of home study. With both trainings the exact knowledge- and insight levels are trained, which is demonstrated with this exam.

Following the CATS CM® Foundation Certification is the CATS CM® Practitioner Certification. This exam is currently available in specific countries only.

Why certification?

Considering the increasing number of contracts and the increasing necessity for agility of the whole contract portfolio, the need for structured and scalable contract management increases within organizations. CATS CM® is known and renown for over 10 years as the number one method that precisely offers this. Knowledge of the method and certification is more and more part of function profiles for contract management. 

A high value asset

Once you have obtained the CATS CM® Foundation certificate, you have demonstrated that you understand what contract management based on CATS CM® means, and that you can understand the concepts and models used. This allows you to participate quickly and in the right way in an organization that uses CATS CM® for its contract management process. But you will be able to realize more value on the contracts under your care as a contract manager. The certificate is certainly also valuable for professionals who work closely with contract managers in their day-to-day work.

How it works

You must pass a multiple-choice exam in which your knowledge of CATS CM® is tested. As an exam candidate, you will get access to the online exam environment and will need to answer 60 multiple-choice questions in 60 minutes. Consulting the book during the exam is allowed. However, please note that with the amount of questions and the time available, it is not possible to look up all questions. In order to pass the exam, you must answer 80% of the questions correct.

You will receive the result immediately after the exam. Digital access to your certificate will be given once you have passed. Registration for the exam can be done by purchasing a participation certificate at Van Haren Learning Solutions. For more information about the CATS CM® Foundation exam, download the syllabus via de button below!