CLM leader Sirion is the first to incorporate CATS CM®

By incorporating all factors of successful contract management in a structured way on a strategic, tactical and operational level, companies can use contract management as a true strategy for realizing organizational goals. One of these factors for success is having process supporting systems in place. Therefore we are pleased to announce that Sirion, the AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, has become the first software provider to incorporate the CATS CM® methodology in their CLM software.

“Sirion is a trusted partner for some of the world’s largest organizations and Fortune 500 customers. We are excited to begin this journey with this global CLM leader and work together as we deploy our methodology to a broader global customer market.” said Arjen van Berkum, Strategic Wizard at CATS CM®.

In most organizations the dependency on vendors is huge, and that also counts vice versa, for the dependency of vendors on clients. Mostly the focus on a contract slackens after signing it. Unfortunate, because the true value is realized during the contract execution. This value comes from the ability to manage the execution of contracts on a single level in such a way that a company is able to among other things respond timely to fast changing environments and proactively manage the contracts’ effect on strategic KPI’s.

Thus, the way contracts are managed needs to be aligned, since these binding agreements are the core part of the strategy execution and the key to realizing the organizational goals. With almost a decade of experience helping enterprises manage contracts throughout their lifecycle, the Sirion platform is a one-stop platform to manage all agreements and contracts. To enable their customers to align their contracts with their organization’s mission, Sirion has embraced CATS CM® as a valuable asset for their contract management software.

“Contracts are the lifeblood of an organization. So not only do senior executives have to worry about how these binding agreements impact the business operationally, but they need to consider whether those relationships create undue risk or work counter to the goals and objectives of the organization,” said Claude Marais, President at Sirion.

It is crucial to ensure that contracts, the execution of these contracts, and contract management are aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. The right software enables organizations further to make sure that contract objectives are monitored proactively and contractual obligations, performance and deliverables are being managed in alignment with these objectives. By harnessing the only scalable and strategy-driven methodology, Sirion’ customers can now access a proven solution to properly implement and manage contracts flawlessly. The enhanced CLM software helps organizations to align contract management according to the framework CATS CM® and to focus on outcomes that are critical to an organization’s success.

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